Physicians’ Alliance against Euthanasia
For true solidarity
For the protection of vulnerable persons
For quality end of life care for all

The Physicians’ Alliance against Euthanasia was founded in 2012 by 24 Quebec doctors, in response to the report of the Quebec government’s Select Committee on Dying with Dignity, which recommended legalization of euthanasia in Quebec, redefining it as health care to escape the Canadian Criminal code prohibition of causing the death of any person, even with his or her consent.

The question of euthanasia matters to all physicians, regardless of their specialty or area of practice. We are asking you to join an alliance of Quebec physicians against euthanasia and assisted suicide. We are physicians who see any law allowing doctors to intentionally end the life of their patients as contrary to the goals of medicine and the good of our patients, especially the most vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves.