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We are an alliance of physicians against euthanasia and assisted suicide who see any law allowing doctors to intentionally end the life of their patients as contrary to the goals of medicine and the good of our patients, especially the most vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves.

The question of euthanasia matters to all physicians, regardless of their specialty or area of practice.

The Declaration is our defining document.

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You may support the Physicians’ Alliance against Euthanasia’s initiative. Thank you in advance for your support and solidarity.

I support the declaration.

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The battle against euthanasia and assisted suicide is ongoing. We need your help to pay for these significant costs..
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Open Letter to the Canadian People on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Physicians have sent an open letter, urging all Canadians to heed the warning signs from those places which have made the mistake of entrenching these practices, and to oppose their introduction into health care in our country. The letter was originally published in the Calgary Herald on October 14, 2014.

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  • Patients at the end of life should receive diligent and competent care to relieve their pain and suffering. The physician has the obligation to use all the means available to achieve this end.–Le manifeste

  • We are more than 660 physicians to have signed a declaration stating we will refuse to participate in those acts of killing, and several hundred more will join us once they realise the threat is real.–Dr. Marc Beauchamp MD FRCSC

  • I think it would be a disastrous mistake to legalize euthanasia in Quebec and Canada.–Dr. Balfour Mount

Dr. Casteur speaks about euthanasia in Belgium

After over ten years of legal euthanasia in Belgium, Dr. Georges Caster gives an update and compares the situation in Belgium with the situation in Québec (video in French).