Physicians’ Alliance Newsletter, August 2018

La Maison Michel-Sarrazin, Québec

A Tale of Two Visions: Euthanasia and Palliative Care

Of 32 non-profit Palliative Care centres scattered around the province of Quebec, even under intense economic and political pressure, only 6 currently allow euthanasia within their walls.

Doctors who promote euthanasia consider this low participation rate as a barrier to the fulfillment of patients’ wishes. Many of them, despite self-identifying as Palliative Care physicians, see no problems with cohabitation: they claim to do both Palliative Care and euthanasia; they promise they will always continue Palliative Care as long as the patient obstinately maintains his or her will to live; and when that patient finally becomes reasonable they will – in perfect “continuity of care” — perform the euthanasia which they believed to be indicated all along.Continue reading editorial…

Make euthanasia unimaginable.


Catherine Ferrier


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