New Physicians’ Alliance for Total Refusal of euthanasia

We are asking doctors to join an alliance of Quebec physicians against euthanasia and assisted suicide. The question of euthanasia matters to all physicians, regardless of their specialty or area of practice.

We are physicians who see any law allowing doctors to intentionally end the life of their patients as contrary to the goals of medicine and the good of our patients, especially the most vulnerable and those who cannot speak for themselves.  
We intend to make known to the public the grave dangers inherent in such a law. People would no longer feel secure in our health care institutions with the decriminalization of euthanasia.
Citizens support us!
Concerned citizens can also get involved by supporting the Physicians’Alliance initiative.
By supporting the Physicians’Initiative, you support our efforts to improve the quality and accessibility of care of the dying and agree that provoking death is not a form of care.



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