Reaction to the tabling of Bill 11 and Federal AMAD Committee Report

The Mirage of Advance Requests

What kind of society administers death to those who have lost their 
decision-making capacity? 

A look at the many ethical and moral pitfalls of expanding access to MAiD in:
– Quebec: Decision-making incapacity, disability and the obligation of hospices to offer MAiD 
– Ottawa: Decision-making incapacity, mature minors and mental disorders

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Physicians’ Alliance Newsletter, December 2022

Dear friends,

As the end of 2022 approaches, Canadians and the world are becoming more and more alarmed at the dramatic expansion of euthanasia in our country.

10,000 people died through “medical assistance in dying” in Canada in 2021.

According to the latest report of the Commission on end-of-life care, Quebec has become the euthanasia capital of the world. 5.1% of deaths were through MAiD in 2021-2022, compared to 4.8% in the Netherlands and 2.3% in Belgium, countries where it has been legal ...

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The 2022 Elections and MAiD by Advance Medical Requests

The Bill that no party wants to talk about

September 21, 2022

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It is difficult to predict the first course of action of the government that will be elected on October 3. However, we know that most parties have promised to reintroduce Bill 38 on medical aid in dying ...

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For immediate release

Montreal, 26th May 2022

The CAQ government in Quebec is celebrating the end of the parliamentary session by offering death to as many people as possible. With two weeks left before the summer break the government intends, almost without debate, to radically extend the “medical aid in dying” law.

Death from COVID and war is not enough: we now must deliver it to vulnerable seniors with dementia, and force it upon independent palliative care homes.

Palliative care homes, which are financed primarily ...

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Missing the mark on a profound social change with MAiD for mental illness

The following article was published today in Policy Options. The authors offer an insightful commentary in response to a recently published article co-authored Dr. Mona Gupta addressing the Quebec’s commission report

Missing the mark on a profound social change with MAiD for mental illness